Each year, a number of Pantone colours are selected to represent the corresponding years fashion. These hues are considered the season's 'hot' colours and in turn, heavily influence clothing ranges across brands all over the world. 

This year, Pantone has announced that 2023's colour of the year is none other than Viva Magenta 18-1750. Pantone describes this colour as "brave" and "fearless" and goes on to characterize it as a "boundaryless shade". This celebrated hue is also said to "welcome anyone and everyone with the same verve for life and rebellious spirit."

To read more, please refer to Pantone's full article here

An ongoing joke here at Pablo & Kat's head office, is that our very talented Designer Kat, always seems to be one step ahead when it comes to selecting colours for each range. In this case, our stylish and cozy Alyssa Poncho was chosen to be created in a rich 'Cranberry' shade of which is very much in line with Viva- Magenta 18-1750.

Here at Pablo & Kat we believe that colour is key and can define how a garment makes us all feel individually. For some people, bright, bold colours such as Viva - Magenta acts as almost an automatic confidence boost. I'm sure we can all agree sometimes it's exactly what we need to get through a long day...

Along with Viva- Magenta, the following colours are also estimated to be popular pantones of 2023.

1. Tranquil Blue - this soft blue hue can be aligns well with our new Vanessa trench in Azzure. We consider this to be the perfect trans seasonal piece that will make any basic outfit look fabulous! Available now from size 12 - 26.

2. Digital Lavender - Our Ella knit tee in 'exotic iris' is a great staple piece. This tee has been featured in our latest photoshoot along with our new Sienna faux-leather blazer for a fresh though classic look.

3. Luscious red - a classic wrap top for a classic colour! Our Natasha wrap top is definitely one of our favourites and you can see why.

4. Sundial - Similar to 'desert' or 'paprika', this pantone is definitely one of our most popular shades! Our Alexis/Lexi Desert Linen suit as well as our Paprika Bailey Jacket fall under this category and we're in love! 

We're dying to know which of these colours are your favourite! Email us and let us know.

Love you, be you, for you!