Colour Mood Boards V Curvy Solare Collection 0.2

Vision boards and colour mood boards are what we craft together to formulate the creative direction of our new Collections and Campaigns and we constantly revert back to them during the development of our Collections from conception to end of life.
The mood boards are carefully curated and focus on the aesthetics of our collections. See how our earlier mood boards transpired into garment designs and how we used them for inspiration in our photoshoot, our social media pages to ensure a cohesive campaign.  
Colour mood boards for Saffron
Colour Saffron 
Colour and spice and all things nice, that is the colour of saffron.
It's a colour that imparts a rich golden-yellow hue to textiles.
A colour that is exotic, sophisticated and exciting.
A colour that appeals to a cheeky, fun and vibrant personality.
Amelia, wearing our Willow shirt paired with the saffron colour Susie pant.

Colour mood board Caramel

Colour Caramel 
Is it salty or sassy?
A colour that can be rich, silky smooth and a stand out in your wardrobe.
It's a warm colour that can be used as an extension of classic neutrals and bring a sense of tranquility.
A colour that, like the food, can give you the warm and fuzzies.
Monique, is wearing the delicious Jules wrap dress.
Colour mood board Ocean
Colour Ocean
A colour that evokes trust and stability.
It's a colour that brings to mind tradition and convention.
A grounding colour that can be paired with any vibrant, subtle or mid tones much like it's parent colour black. 
Reminiscent of the deep depths of the ocean it can be strong and wild yet also soothing.
Monique, is wearing the Lexi pant, a staple and reliable piece, paired back with our Evie shirt. 


As a team, using a mood board is the most effective and efficient way for us to share our vision.  
It's where we can have fun.