We've been dying to share some very exciting news that has been in the works for some time now. Keeping this a secret was very, very difficult.. so here it goes.. Pablo and Kat has officially landed in the city of Melbourne!

We have teamed up with the amazing Design A Space team, who have worked with us to display and stock our garments in store!

This mini project was born in the hopes, that after a tough couple of years, we could do our part in bringing life and fashion back to the heart of Melbourne. I'm sure you can all agree that it's time to see Melbourne pumping again with friends, family, fashion, and most of all fun. 

curvy fashion for curvy women

Not knowing what to expect, the Pablo and Kat team took a quick excursion out of the office to the streets of Melbourne. It was clear that a nice change of scenery was exactly what everyone needed to end their busy week.

We made our way to the Design A Space store, making sure to take in our surroundings. We couldn't help but notice stores blooming, friends catching up over coffee and people stepping out for a quick bite before making their way back to the office. It was almost overwhelming, in the best way!

curvy fashion for curvy women

We knew Design A Space was a perfect match from the amazing team, down to the location and surrounding community. 

It's safe to say Melbourne is slowly but surely getting back it's normal hustle and bustle and we couldn't be happier to make our small contribution. 

So if you're in for a fun day out, come visit us in store! See opening hours here

We look forward seeing you there! Located: 20 Manchester Lane, Melbourne, VIC, 3000.

Love you, be you, for you!