Summer Holidays in Europe - a curvy woman's suitcase.

If you are one of the lucky people who will leave the cold Aussie Winter behind for the fun & sun of a curvy European holiday, then keep reading to see what we packed in the suitcase in our last reel.

We get it... you want to take everything just in case you go somewhere and you don't have your most favourite outfit (the one that makes you feel fabulous) ..... but you can't take everything so you have to plan carefully.  TIP: Make sure you take what you feel fabulous wearing!

1. Write yourself a checklist to make sure you don't forget anything.

2. Lay it all out so you can see actually see every curvy piece.

3. Select 5 pair of pants. We like to pack pants because they are much more versatile for day or night adventures. We selected the Suzie pant in saffron, Lexi pant in desert, Capri pant in white, Capri pant in black and of course your favourite jeans. 

4. You will need to take a jacket for cooler nights. The current trend is a blazer, so take one that goes with most things. We recommend the Alexis jacket in Desert, a perfect Plus Size piece.

 5. We selected 5 tops that worked back with the 5 pants to make 23 different outfit combinations. When you throw in the obligatory white tee, you can create an additional 5 combos. Remember they will be on rotation.

We selected the Evie linen shirt (a classic), Olivia jungle print (it's so fun, light & breezy), the Willow shirt (printed cotton broderie) it's so cool to wear, the Camilla sleeveless top (it's all about the fun) and the Clara knit poncho (a perfect pop of colour for the beach).

  6. Select 2 dresses that will take you anywhere including shopping, drinks, dinner or the beach. We have gone for the Chelsea linen wrap dress in Sunshine (the colour oozes summer fun) and the Bella linen dress in Blossom    (it's perfect for day and any romantic nights.) 


7. Don't forget your swimwear, sunglasses, sunscreen and a cool hat.... it's gonna be hot.

8. Be very selective with your footwear. We would suggest 1 pair of sneakers / 2 pair of slides / 1 pair of wedges.

9. And of course you need accessories. Keep it simple with some gold hoop earrings, a hat, an every day cross body bag and a fun summer evening bag.

Once you have packed, the only thing left to do is grab your passport, your tickets, get a lift to the airport and board that plane.

Travel Safe.


 Kat xxx