The Creative Process - From Curvy Drawings to Photoshoot Day!

So here we are... photoshoot time is upon us!

We've shown you what happens behind the scenes on photoshoot day, but we haven't told you what happens behind the scenes of that. We're going to walk you through each step, from pencil drawing designs, to the day of the shoot. So sit tight and enjoy the chaos that is the Creative process.

Step 1 - Create inspo boards, mood boards and colour boards. You all know about this from our previous blogs on our colour inspiration. 

W23 Mood Board

Step 2. Design the garments. (We can't show you now....that wouldn't be right. It's strictly confidential and on a need to know basis!)

Step 3 - Review the creative direction of the campaign.....Actually, scrap those designs, we don't like them. Let's create new designs.

Bin It

Step 4 - Order sample fabric.....great, fabric isn't available anymore...Yep, you guessed it, scrap the new designs as well. NEXT.

Step 5 - Have a mini meltdown

Step 6 - Get Mr. Secretary to make us feel better.... we want lots of cuddles & kisses. It's exhausting being this cute XXX 

curvy photoshoot for plus size women

Step 7 - Find new fabrics and finalise new designs. YAYYY!!!

Step 8 - Make patterns, cut fabric, order trims and sew samples. 

Step 9. Fit new samples and approve to production.

plus size fashion for curvy women

(Illustration by the very talented Nicole Onslow)

Step 10. Plan a photoshoot... are we done yet?!

Step 11. Choose an amazing photographer that understands our vision.

Step 12 - Scout some very talented models that are aligned with our brand/campaign aesthetic. 

Step 13 - Select and book a photoshoot location....this season, we're heading back to the classic and chic vibe of a studio.

plus size fashion photoshoot for curvy women

Step 14 - Waiting! Waiting! Waiting for samples to arrive! excited!... AAGH! Oh no!.... delays.

Step 15 - Spend some well needed time with Mr. Secretary, he always knows how to make us feel better. Refreshed and ready to get back into it!

Step 16 -  Waiting until the last possible and workable minute to decide if we should reschedule the photoshoot... Can't have a photoshoot without the garments :(

Step 17 - Our extraordinary team pulled off a miracle and rescheduled our photoshoot in just 1 hour. WOO!!! Thanks to our amazing team the Photographer, Hair Artist, Makeup Artist, Models, Assistants and Studio who accommodated our change and made life so easy!

Step 18 - Samples arrive one by one... now we're EXCITED!!!!! 

Step 19 - Photoshoot day! It's exhausting but it's where everything comes to life and where we can achieve our overall vision and aesthetic for the size fashion for curvy womenWe can't wait to share the new collection! Get a first glimpse of our new collection and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. For early access to our new range as well as exciting offers, sign up to our Ladies lounge (newsletter)! 

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The Collection is fresh, it's sophisticated, it's urban chic!

Stay tuned!