The Curvy Office Edit!

Whether your stepping back into an office environment, working from home or you've able to combine the both options for a great balance, you need to feel good about yourself so you can deliver your best work.

Alyssa, our in house stylist has put together her top 3 edits for heading back to work.

Edit 1: Stepping into the office.

Regardless of where you desk is located, floor 32 with the perfect view of the city, floor 3 in the midst of your chattering colleagues or your customer facing, you need to be happy, confident and comfortable.

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Edit 2: Working from home

If you are sitting at your desk for a significant part of the day and then head to the nearest coffee shop for your mid morning cappuccino and then return for an online meeting, you definitely need to be professional and comfortable.

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Edit 3: Enjoying the office / home work combo

If you are lucky enough to share you working hours between the office and home, then you need to shop with consideration. You want a wardrobe that suits your needs for both work places.

plus size clothing for curvy womenWhatever your work scenario, put your best foot forward and wear what makes you feel good.