Spring Racewear - Curvy Edition!

Embrace your curves at this year’s Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival.
It is an event well known not only for its festivities but for exploring fashion and it provides an opportunity for each of us to express our own personal style!
Here at Pablo and Kat, we take any opportunity to assist our curvy community to look and feel more confident. For this year's Carnival, we selected a few of our favourite pieces to give you a complete racewear edit including shoes, headwear and accessories.
For your day at the track, it’s important that you have the following essentials:
1. A comfortable outfit
2. Comfortable shoes that are going to see you through the day.
3. Sunscreen
4. Hat
Whether you are heading to track side or a private party remember each race day during the carnival has its own Fashion Etiquette.
Is all about the monochromatic black and white.
Be glamourous, be stylish, be super chic, be comfortable and be yourself.
Priscilla: Plisse Spotted Top / Harper: Flip Skirt
Is a fun day, so be confident, be daring, be brave and wear some colour. You can’t go past our Tara Linen dress in Apple Green accessorised with black & a touch of colour on this gorgeous headwear. Be stylish and make a statement.
The Tara Linen Dress.
Oaks Day
Is Ladies Day! So be a lady…well at least try. It's not a great look when you're carrying your shoes home in your hands....so please don't do it. Make sure you wear comfy shoes. The fashion is all about pretty, feminine styles and the Jules Dress is just that.
Stakes Day
Is family day and that means a more relaxed look…it doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish & chic and it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a pant.
See our Roberta shirt with elasticised cuff for an adjustable sleeve length and the wide leg Carly Palazzo pant.
Ladies remember you can be stylish, chic, comfortable and curvy.
Love You! Be You! For You!
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Pablo & Kat xxx