Walking into 2023, with a quiet confidence, curves and all!

As 2022 came to an end, l sat quietly with my own thoughts and contemplated the year that was. On reflection, it was a year that challenged my very being, my strength, my courage, my resilience and my patience. It was a year that had me questioning every move l made on the chess board that is my life, much like many other women in Australia and around the world.

As l reflected on significant events close to me and global events that shaped 2022, I saw something special....... l saw women fighting to be heard and finding their voices and I saw women take action with their own personal stories. I saw women make change.

What stood out, was women standing individually and collectively to speak their truth and change the world. There were set backs and put downs along the way but from my POV l saw them emerge as a collective global force to be watched and whose actions would go on to inspire me on a daily basis.

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As a small business that fights for survival day to day, l take motivation from the women around me and those on the global stage. And just like those who told their truths in 2022, l will continue to tell my truth and fight for what l stand for and believe in. 

So as l walk into 2023 with poise and grace, my arthritic swagger and a humbled sense of unpretentious self assurance, l set my mind on aligning my energies. This is us, unapologetic and ready to face the new year.