Cooking with Curves! Christmas Panettone Berry Dessert.

When l need to take a plate!
You know how the conversation rolls.  You’re invited to a Christmas bbq, drinks at someone’s house or Christmas lunch or dinner, you’re very excited & then with all good intentions, you hear yourself saying ….’l will bring a dessert’.
What were you thinking….. how on earth are you going to manage to make a dessert in between all the thousands of other things you have to do at the moment.  
Number 1, Don’t panic.
l’m going to share my ‘go to’ Christmas dessert recipe. (actually it’s not really a recipe, it’s a really quick & simple assembly) It always delights and it never fails.  Read on & you will see what l mean.
 My Christmas Panettone Berry Dessert.  
Photo of my 3 layered Xmas Panettone Cake with layers of sliced Panettone, custard & fresh berries.
Custard (can use brandy custard)
Flake (chocolate) – optional
Frangelico (liqueur – optional)
NB : The Amount of berries you buy is dependent on the size of the Panettone you buy.
You can also substitute fresh berries with mixed frozen berries but remember they will have excess liquid so you will need to drain them.
Set aside a small handful of mixed berries for the end.
Step 1 :
Wash your fresh berries & make sure they are dry.
 Bowl of mixed washed berries
Step 2
Slice your Panettone.
 Sliced Panettone
 Step 3
Select the beautiful serving platter you want to use.
Step 4
Lay slices of Panettone on the base of your platter.
Pour the custard over the top of the 1st layer.
Layer some mixed berries on top.
If you’re adding Frangelico pour it over the berries & Panettone now.
If your adding chocolate flake – crumble it over the layer now.
 1st layer of Panettone
   Step 5
Continue the layers until you’ve run out of Panettone or your platter can’t take anymore.
The last layer should be assorted berries on top.
 Multi layers of Panettone, custard & berries
Step 6
Grab the bowl of mixed berries you set aside earlier and place them around the base of the platter.
You can drizzle extra custard around the base if you want.
There you have it, my Christmas Panettone & Berry dessert….my go to dessert.
PS : It’s always better if you make it the day before your event because the Panettone has time to  absorb all the flavours.
Share it with family & friends & enjoy it.
 If anyone has time to make it, l would love to know how it goes.
Pablo & Kat Team