Follow Your Dream! A Curvy Women's Fashion Brand.

Have you ever had goals and dreams that were so big, you thought you would never achieve them?

At different times in your life when you have revisited your dreams and goals have you been able to produce a never ending list of excuses that you could spiel off verbatim, as to why you can’t pursue them. I have!

Have you let ‘life’ get in the way? Has fear of failure prevented you from even thinking about pursuing your goals and dreams? Or do you simply think you are too old to try something new? All valid reactions, questions and thoughts but honestly just more excuses. I know because I have used them.

Sometimes your goals and dreams start with an idea as a younger self, when life was an adventure, when you have your life ahead of you, when you have no fear of failure, when you feel invincible and there are no boundaries in what you could achieve. Then ‘life’ happens and you have now convinced yourself that life got in the way.

Suddenly down the track, a little voice rears its head and starts to question ‘what could have been’ and ‘what you should have done’. What an energy zapping exercise. You push the thoughts away…..and you convince yourself that your life is good, you are happy and you know what, you probably are but you want something more. What is it? Is it the challenge? Is it you need a change? Is it that everyone is telling you that life is too short? Or, is it simply the fact you feel you have unfinished business with your life. The voice starts to niggle at you…you want to pursue you dream, but you don’t.

Over time this persistent need to pursue your younger self’s dream, has gathered momentum and propelled itself to the forefront of your mind? Is it time to make a plan, to see what are the actual risks, what sacrifices you will need to make and what sacrifices will your family and the people around you have to make because the reality is it is not only about you, as your decisions impact those around you.

Now, I am a glass half full kind of person, (actually glass overflowing) and l have never lived my life with a ‘should have’ philosophy. So why was this dream so different from any of the others? After many months of soul searching and a robust examination of my thoughts, trying to find an answer to this question, l came up with no valid reason. I was over analysing everything and as l came to the realisation that l was just plain petrified, l also came to the realisation that it felt like the right time to try. I was ready to try.

Is this sounding familiar to some of you?

With time and age comes wisdom and knowledge and it’s at this point, I pose the question, did life really get in the way or was ‘life’ the preparation you needed to pursue your goals and dreams?

That thing you call ‘life’ with its relationships, children, families, bills, mortgage and full time work appears to be what we blame for getting in the way, however did you ever stop to consider, that these life experiences are the very thing you needed to prepare you for pursuing your dreams. Let’s face it with all the situations that life throws at you, you become resilient, persistent, patient, strong, committed and organised. You also become a financial planner, a mentor, a coach and a cheer leader and aren’t these some of the qualities you need to succeed in fulfilling your dreams. If you look back to when you had your initial stirrings, be honest, would you have been ready to travel that path? Do you know more now than back then, are you wiser now than back then, would you have had the physical and mental strength to run the full race? The reality is that whatever you are going to do, it’s not going to be easy but it might just be one of the most personally rewarding things that you do and ‘life’ enabled you to be fully equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you along the way. Perhaps now, is the precise time you are meant to pursue you dreams and goals.

For me, creating a fashion brand for curvy and plus size women started with a teenage dream many years ago. What it needed was knowledge, experience, determination, guts, grit, patience and an extraordinary support crew. I have that now. What l have achieved, is a work in progress. What l have learnt about myself, l don’t give up.

I often stop and ask myself the question, could l have done this 37 years ago, the answer is a definite no.

It really doesn’t matter if your goals and dreams are big or small because at the end of the day they are yours and whilst following them may not always be easy, you owe it to yourself to try.

I will leave you with two questions. What will you gain if you don’t try and what will you gain if you do?