Introducing the Solare Collection

Here at Pablo and Kat we are welcoming a new season of life, memories and of course clothes to pair with it. Let us introduce to you the Solare collection.

Solare – more than a word, it’s a considered lifestyle. A carefully curated collection revering a myriad of tones and textures. This timeless range boasts the very best of Australian design, craftsmanship and materiality that accentuates the fluid beauty of feminine curves.


This new curve collection aims to bring into focus the importance of creating a new era of radiance for you and your wardrobe, through well-crafted pieces. Kat, our designer has taken inspiration from her Italian and Australian heritage, that has culminated into the creation of the Solare Collection. 

The Solare Collection encompasses hues that are reflective of our Australian landscape, that together with design, transport you to the shores of the Mediterranean. The vision for this collection was to create a capsule wardrobe that will age gracefully and transition with you throughout your seasons of life.

Crafted with the intention to lengthen the product lifecycle, sustainability was and always is key at Pablo and Kat. With that in mind, we design garments that encourage the slow fashion movement. The items within this collection offer unmatched versatility that compliment ever-changing trends. We encourage our shoppers to purchase pieces that seamlessly integrate into their existing wardrobes, and that can be re-worn through endless pairings. 

The recent turbulent times have been a catalyst for the evolution of our lifestyles, homes and wardrobes. Collectively we were given a moment to look through an introspective lens, reflect on our values without external noise and identify a deeper appreciation for our own sense of style. With the return to a new normal, we offer a renewed energy and palette that should be reflected in our clothing choices.  

A constant in our lives is the desire to feel a sense of tranquillity and calmness. 

The Solare colour palette is punctuated with warm richness and subtle neutral hues that offer moments of respite from our busy lives. From the sun, through to our seas and down to our sand, we are reminded of the constant beauty present in the Australian landscape. 

Reminiscent of the warmth in our setting sun, Saffron has a mood and tonal quality reminding us of the familiar golden hour. The dancing light cast from the sunset creates shadows across our flora and fauna and is represented in our Printed Saffron.

Shades of blue and white create a purifying effect that is just as serene as it is rejuvenating. The deep richness of Australian waters is present in our Ocean hue. Emulating the whitewash of the waters that lap our shoreline, our shade of White, acts a unification between the sea and sand, replicated through the pairings of tops and bottoms.  

The earthy neutrals that line the sandy shores of our country, act as a grounding point in this collection. Our Natural hue remind us of the light picturesque memories we make on our beaches. The deserts that shape our heritage are reflected in our rich Desert hue. The line created from the sea meeting the sand creates a deeper tone, presented as a Caramel shade.

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