Our Colour Palette Vs our Curvy Solare Collection.

As part of the creative design process, we create colour mood boards for each Collection we manufacture.

These boards provide us with inspiration for the look and feel of our Collections. We revert back to them each time we are selecting fabric and designing new styles so as we can achieve a sense of cohesion within our new ranges.

Earlier in the season, we show cased the colour mood boards for our new Solare Collection for Summer 22/23.

We are now going to show you how those mood boards transpired into garment designs and how we used them for inspiration in our photoshoot, our social media pages to ensure a cohesive campaign.  


A purifying colour that is serene and rejuvenating.
A colour that evokes the natural beauty of a women.
Amelia, wearing our Evie shirt paired with the natural colour Susie pant  provides a sense of peace and calmness.
It makes you feel like a natural woman.

 Plus size clothing

A timeless colour that brings life and a sense of history. 
A colour that evokes the ageless natural beauty of a women that has lived and loves her life.
Rita, wearing our Alexis Linen Jacket teamed back with the Lexi Linen Pant accentuates the fluid beauty of feminine curves.

 Plus size clothing

A colour that has the ability to connect us to nature. 
A colour that encourages us to be confident in our natural state of being and embrace who we are without giving in to external pressures.
Monique is true natural beauty wearing our Alexis Linen Jacket worn with the Evie shirt and Lexi Linen Pant.
Love You! Be You! For You!