Reducing our impact on the environment!

Curvy Community, see our plans to help save the environment!


As most of you know, there is a major focus on individuals and companies to reduce the amount of waste that is used.  

Here at Pablo & Kat, we take our responsibilities seriously and as such, have created an environmental strategy that we want to share with you.

Some changes have already been implemented and other changes will be introduced over the coming months.


 What we have already actioned.

We have stopped adding a hard copy of your packing list to the parcels that we send out.

 We do this to reduce the amount of paper used at our 3rd Party Distribution Centre. We know that when you place your order, you receive an automated email with your order summary.  You can use the electronic copy of the order to check your delivery when it arrives.


 We have stopped adding a ‘Thankyou’ card to the parcels that we send out.

 Whilst this is a nice to have, we believe that our contribution to waste reduction is a much better option that will positively impact future generations.

The Pablo & Kat team is currently working on other ways to say thankyou to the Curvy Community for their support.


We have changed our Mailer Bags.

 For the past 2 months we have started to ship your Plus Size & Curvy purchases in 100% home compostable Ecomailer Bags. These bags have been tested and certified to Australian Standards.    

Simply remove any labels or stickers & place the remainder of the bag in your compost bin.

You can also check in with your local council if they allow the disposal of compostable packaging in green bins. Some councils do & some don’t.

For more information on these bags, head over to the HEAPSGOOD website.



 Future Changes.

 If you are asking yourself, why do Pablo & Kat place their garments in Poly bags.  Here’s why!

To protect the item. You spend your hard earned money on purchasing our products and we want to make sure they are in the best possible condition & without damages, when you receive them.


 We have commenced the roll out of replacing our current clear Poly bags with new compostable bags so be sure to look out for them. For more information on the comPoly bags head to website



 As our new bags start to roll out, we will stop wrapping your Plus Size & Curvy purchases in tissue, it’s another reduction.


We know that the Curvy Community, will understand the significant changes we have introduced, all of which will reduce waste and positively impact the environment.


Whilst we all love to receive a beautifully wrapped gift in the mail, we believe that doing our bit to reduce any impact to the environment, would be a more beautiful gift for future generations.

Love Lives Here!    


PS: The image attached to this blog is one of my favourite images, taken at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo in 2011.