Reviving your curvy wardrobe.

Reviving Your Curvy Wardrobe
with Pablo & Kat

By Amelia Stubbs
We all get in to ‘fashion ruts’ every now and then.
I experienced one the other day and it put me in to a total frenzy!

I realised I had so many items of clothing in my wardrobe
but it felt as though I had absolutely NOTHING to wear.
Every time I walked out of the house,
I felt frumpy and ashamed of my curves. 

I’m guessing this sounds familiar…
The problem wasn’t that I had nothing to wear or that I'm
embarrassed about my curvy body - I just didn’t enjoy
wearing the ones that were lying dormant in my wardrobe.

After realising I didn't want to feel this way anymore,
I set myself a mission: to increase my body positivity and put some
much needed flair back in to my curvy fashion life
by getting rid of the clothes that made me feel yucky 
and replacing them with ones that made me feel amazing!

Every woman should be excited to wear what she has in her wardrobe and this is why I want YOU to fall in love with fashion and your body all over again too- no inhibitions, no limitations and no guilt.

Now, the million-dollar question is HOW do you become
‘body positive’ and master your fashion life at the same time?

We all seem to have things on our bodies we’d like
to change or ‘improve’ on but I truly believe that
if you don’t accept the way you are RIGHT NOW,
you will be less likely to feel fully satisfied later on.

Open up your mind to new styles
and stick to my golden mantras:

“If you wouldn’t say it to your friend, don’t say it to yourself.”

"Always try on new styles - even if you don't think they'll suit you."

I know this sounds like something your mother would tell you
but there is certainly some hard truth in these phrases that have
really helped me overcome negative self-talk and
discover new ways of dressing.

If you’re like me and have felt quite excluded by
the fashion industry due to the lack of sizing,
it’s time to move on and open your eyes
to the exciting world of plus-size designers!

One of my favourite new additions to my wardrobe is
plus-size clothing brand
Pablo & Kat!
Pablo & Kat Plus Size Boutique Fashion

Pablo & Kat’s feminine designs are specifically created to flatter curves
and enhance your confidence through their gorgeous patterns and luxurious fabrics.

Gone are the days of having to choose daggy ‘plus-size’ last resorts
and hiking your pants way up so they cover your bum when you sit down!

Pablo & Kat have thought of it all and want you to feel
absolutely fabulous in every way - every day.
Gianna, Plus Size wrap top​​
Gianna Printed Wrap Top  

One of my favourite things about Pablo & Kat 
is the range of options for colour and patterns.

Ask yourself -
When the last time you wore your favourite colour?

I jumped out of my comfort zone the other day and wore
Pablo &Kat's plus size turtle neck FIORA  - a safe option for those
who aren't quite used to wearing anything other than black!
Fiora Plus Size Turtle neck
​​Fiora Turtle Neck

My basic rule of thumb is – if you try the colour on and don’t think
‘OH NO!’
then, it’s most likely the colour looks good on you.
Don’t let that little voice inside convince you otherwise…

Pablo & Kat is now part of my new and wonderful wardrobe
because every single item I wear from their range
makes me feel sophisticated and stylish!

 I hope this has given you a little push to have a closer look at what’s
hanging around your wardrobe and question how your clothes
make you feel when you wear them.

It is so important to wear fashion that enhances
your confidence so you can be curvy and proud!

Stay tuned for Pablo & Kat’s exciting new Summer range
that will absolutely knock your socks off!

But seriously…you won’t need socks…just a killer pair of wedges and a mojito!

To view Pablo & Kat's full range head to: