Shopping for your new Curvy / Plus Size Wardrobe!

What You Need To Know!

Ladies as you know, we do our very best to ensure you have a seamless & enjoyable shopping experience. When it comes to our Customer Service, we think it’s off the charts (in a good way) and we know what we offer you in Design, Quality & Value with our Curvy / Plus Size Collections, is exciting, fresh & fashion focused.

So, it makes sense, that when it comes to buying your new wardrobe, we enhance your shopping experience and continue to improve our online store. 

We understand that everyone has a different preference in the way they want to pay for their purchases and as a result, we are excited to be able to offer you multiple payment methods when you shop in our online store

 This is a shoulder / sleeve image showing 6 garments from our Curvy / Plus Size Collections hanging on a rack.


On each product page, you will find the ADD TO CART tab with the payment options directly underneath, as seen in the below image.
Image is a screen grab of The Add to Cart tab & payment options on each product page on the Pablo & Kat website.

You can choose to pay for your beautiful Curvy / Plus Size items ( you know....the ones that make you feel extra special, extra confident & ready to make an entrance) with any of the following 3 methods.


Method 1

If you want to Purchase with Pay Pal, simply click the yellow tab.
Pay Pal offers 3 options:
* Buy with your existing Pay Pal account
* Create a Pay Pal account
* Pay with your Credit Card as a Pay Pal Guest (no account required)

    Screen grab of the Buy with PayPal tab located on each product page.


    Method 2

    If you choose to buy with Credit Card, we accept Visa, Mastercard & Amex.

    Image of Payment logos PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

    To do this click on the 'More payment options tab' which can be located on each product page.

    Once you click the ‘More Payment Options’ link, it will automatically direct you to the Contact Information Page. You will need to complete your details and click the tab ‘Continue to shipping’.

    On the Shipping page, click the tab ‘Continue to payment’

    Once you click on the ‘Continue to payment’ tab, you will automatically be  directed to the payment page which has the 3 payment methods. From here, you can click on whichever payment option you prefer.


    Method 3

    If you choose to purchase your product using Afterpay, simply click the Afterpay button located on each product page and it will provide you with further instructions.

     Image of Afterpay Logo with a brief description of the steps required.

    We know a few of you in our Curvy / Plus Size Community have been waiting for this.
    Now it’s here and available for you to use.
    We hope that these additional payment options make your shopping experience more enjoyable & that you are as excited about it, as we are.
    We are always here to help, so if you need any assistance, please contact us at
    Happy Shopping!
    Pablo & Kat