Don’t think because the style is not new it’s not fashionable. WRONG!

 Listen up Ladies, some of the new Pablo & Kat Plus Size Spring / Summer Collection has just landed into our online store.

This season, we have intentionally designed some pieces to co-ordinate back with our existing plus size range. Don’t think because the style is not new it’s not fashionable. WRONG!

 A slow fashion movement is coming and we want to be part of it.

When selecting fashion pieces for your curves, choose wisely. Consider the shape, the colours, the style, the versatility and the fabric of each piece you purchase. Don’t buy pieces with the intent to throw them away in 6 weeks.

Consider what you already have and what you can add.

Fashion is a very personal thing…what is great for some curvy women is not so great for others. So, styling a new season’s item with one from last season can give you a fabulous fresh new look.

Start by having a look at what you already have sitting in your wardrobe… select what you love, those special pieces you can not part with, the pieces that make you feel special and beautiful and give you that added confidence to conquer the world….

Then have a look at our new Curvy Collection. What can you add to your wardrobe that will give it this seasons’ feels. If you have nothing in your wardrobe (we all say it just look a little harder), then take a look at our sale items. Just because they are on sale, doesn’t mean they are awful styles to look at or inferior quality…… It simply means you’ve got yourself a bargain.
Weekend vibes.

Here is a look, we have put together with pieces from our last 3 ranges. We have teamed this outfit back with the Models own hoop earrings, own shoes and a cute scarf used as a head piece. I am sure you’ll agree it looks great and has a new season’s fresh vibe.  

New season’s pant
Lexi Pant – 100% Linen / colour Ink Navy / Price : AUD $130.00
Ella Summer Knit Top
50% Modal / 50% Cotton – colour White Whisper / Price AUD : Was $85.00 Now $75.00
Petra Suede jacket
100% Goat Leather / colour Cognac / Price AUD : was $350.00 Now $160.00

Over the next few weeks, you will see images on social media where we have teamed our new arrivals with existing styles.

Pablo & Kat are part of the slow fashion movement and we would love you to join us as we make some positive changes to the world we live in.