Spend a day on set with Pablo & Kat

For our Summer 22/23 Collection, we are looking to discover a new era of radiance. Our bespoke range brings European summer to our shores through carefully curated pieces.  As glamorous as our range is, the day itself can get a little hectic. Experience the day with us from start to finish below. 

A timeline of our day!

With an early start time we set our 4:30am alarms, we knew we would need reinforcement alarms to ensure we surfaced on time. By 5:00am we were up and out of bed preparing for the crazy day ahead. With a sombre start to the day we packed our car in the pouring rain and set off on a one our drive to our destination as the sun rose from behind the clouds. 

plus size photoshoot

We pulled into the driveway of our lovely Aloca home at 7:30am, right on time to start the day! We spent the next few minutes touring the home in absolute awe and excitement. Our modern Mediterranean vision was coming to life! 

curvy womens fashion photoshoot

The excitement continued as we finally got to meet all the members of our A-Team (they are pretty damn brilliant): Photographer: Brooke Keam, Models: Amelia, Monique & Rita, Hair: Livinia, Makeup: Lysh, Social Media Dynamic Duo: Taylor & Alyssa.

Slightly ahead of schedule (8:00am) the glam squad got to work on our first model, and our dynamic social media duo started briefing our photographer on the *aesthetic* of our shoot. 

curvy photoshoot

As the clock ticked over and 8:30am rolled around, we started hearing the click of the camera - the shoot had officially begun.... and can we tell you WOW! WOW! WOW! We learned very quickly that we had to compromise and bring in a few additional hands to help get the perfect shot. 

fashion shoot

The day was moving quickly and we now needed snacks to get us through to lunch time. With the completion of shooting our first model and the beginning of our second model, we soon found out that there is never enough cameras to capture the perfect image.  

fashion photoshoot

With such an amazing team who were all having a fabulous day, we lost track of the clock and realised 12:30pm had arrived and it was time to stop for lunch and recharge.  

With full tummies and new found energy, the crazy running around continued. By 2:00pm our third model was ready to bring the entire shoot to an amazing end. We had to pick our jaws up off the floor and just admire the creative brilliance and talent from our incredible team.   

After four years of convincing from my team, I finally decided it was time to jump in front of the camera...stay tuned to see the results! The 4:00pm blues were hitting us all and we realised that the floor was starting to become a very comfortable resting place. 

womens fashion shoot

With the final click of the camera at 4:30pm, our incredible photoshoot day had wrapped up! With some celebrations and hugs all round the team, reflected on what an amazing and magical day we had all just been apart of.  

Running around at 4:50pm on tired legs, the clean up began. With bags packed, goodbyes and thank-you's given we all jumped in our cars and headed home. We each got to reflect on the crazy day we had with a 2 hour long drive home in peak hour (thanks to the spill on the Monash Freeway at Montague Street).

All we can say is keep those eyes peeled, if you want to be one of the first to hear news of our new collection be sure to join our mailing list here.

The Solare Collection...coming soon!