Spring / Summer 21-22 Plus Size Collection!

Colour Inspiration!

After being at home for the past 16 months due to Melbourne’s lockdowns, l have truly come to appreciate the simple things in life. My eyes have opened to the beauty of our home & the peaceful & loving space our family has created. This year, we have focused on being outdoors and have given much love and attention to our garden and it is from here l have taken colour inspiration for our new Pablo & Kat Plus Size Summer 2021 / 22 Collection.

This seasons' Collection is aptly called ‘The Garden Party’. We have designed Plus Size styles that are classic & comfortable and made them in colours that are vibrant & energetic. A perfect combination for life after lockdown. Curvy Community, get ready to embrace a world full of life & colour. Through out the season, we will bring you the colours of my garden, Magnolia, Natural, Raspberry, Apple, Sunshine, White Blossom, Olive, French Navy & Night Bloom. 

The below image is not our garden but l am going to take some inspo from it for our next family get together.

Col : White blossoms
Nothing says Spring  / Summer more than a beautiful white blossom. Positioned smack bang in the centre of our back garden is the beautiful deciduous Ornamental Pear tree. As we move into spring, the stunning white blossoms take centre stage as they make their appearance …. so to all you curvy women reading this, become the centre stage of your life….. you deserve it.

 Curvy Community, this image is of the bare ornamental pear tree just starting to blossom against a back drop of blue sky.

Colour : Sunshine
The Ray of Sunshine in our garden, is our lemon tree. It’s 1 citrus tree with 2 variants of lemons on it. One we believe to be the Lisbon variety & the other a Japanese Yuzu lemon. How this came to be, we don’t know. The lemons come in all shape & sizes and are still all beautiful to look at, fabulous to cook with & delicious to eat. Something, we in the Curvy Community should take note of. 
Curvy Community, our fruity lemon tree.
Colour :  Apple
Some of you may think that inspo for the colour Apple has come from an apple tree……. you would be wrong. Our colour Apple came from the stunning green leaves of this unnamed & unknown creeper plant which came from a small clipping my sister gave me. It’s thriving in this position in the garden. Plus size women, be confident & thrive in your environment.
Curvy Community, this creeper plant is the colour of a green apple.
Colour : Raspberry
We had a very boring 12 foot, 80’s brick wall which was a shared wall with our neighbour….. 1 tin of undercoat / 1 tin of coloured textured paint / 1 extendable roller handle / & a couple of long nap brushes later…… & we now have an exciting, colourful  backdrop for our pergola. We added some hanging candle holders, built some hand made planter boxes out of recycled timber, which we filled with succulents that were clipped & replanted from a 2 buck plant purchased at a grade prep school fete 18 years ago.  Curvy Community, we need to think about the future & we need to upcycle, recycle & be sustainable where we can. After all, every little bit helps.  
Curvy Community, our Raspberry coloured wall, with hanging candle holders.
Colour : Olive
I think it’s safe to say that the inspo for colour olive came from our olive tree. This year for the first time, we finally had a big enough crop to produce 2 jars of pickled olives. It was our first time to do it & what a success. I have to admit my only involvement in this little project was holding the sheet under the tree while my husband shook the olives off it.  They were Yumm! To all the Curvy Women reading this, plant yourself an edible garden.
Curvy Community, this is our olive tree.
Colour : Magnolia
Who doesn’t love a Magnolia tree?  The stunning 2 tone leaf & the beautiful, perfumed blooms … made it a must have colour in our new Plus Size Collection. It’s a statement piece in our front garden, so as you walk up the path you're hit with the delightful scent. Curvy Community, don't be afraid to make a statement when you enter a room.... be the stand out in the room.
 Curvy Community, our Magnolia tree
Colour : Natural
Well nothing says outdoors more than natural timber & it’s in abundance in our backyard. The pergola, the long 10 seater outdoor table that my husband built to accommodate our family & the ½ barrels that are home to more succulents are all made from sustainable timber. Many a celebration has been had here with many more to come. Curvy Community, invite your family and friends over after lockdown.
 Curvy Community, the natural wood half barrels in our backyard.

Our garden is a special place…. A place that brings us comfort & peace & where we feel safe. Being outside in the fresh air allows us to clear our minds & be creative & where we experience great satisfaction in what we do. It’s a reminder of my Italian heritage & that brings me much joy.

So now, you have a little snap shot of our life for the past 16 months as well as the colours we will bring you over the coming months in our new Plus Size Spring / Summer Collection. These colours will lift your spirits & energise you, just as our garden has done for us.

The new Pablo & Kat Curvy Collection brings a sense of a new life outside of lockdowns. A life full of excitement & anticipation as we look to the future. A life where we can celebrate with family & friends.

We hope you love our Garden Party Collection, as much as we do.
Kat xxx
PS : All images accept for the 1st image of the table setting are from our actual garden.