The Little Black Dress for Women with Curves

The year was 1926: The month was October. The Roaring Twenties were in full swing when Vogue featured on its cover the first “little black dress” designed by Coco Chanel and ushered in the long reign of a fashion staple.   SMITHSONIANMAG.COM
Since then, women across the globe have pursued their love of the Little Black Dress (also known as LBD) in all it's forms. Unfortunately, if you were over a size 14, you couldn't be apart of this 'must have' fashion.
So...we thought about it & decided to create a Little Black Dress for all you women with curves. We have listened to what you have told us about the styles and shapes that you love to wear and we created the Pablo & Kat, LBD......named Tippy.

6 reasons to have Tippy, our Little Black Wrap Dress, in your wardrobe.

  • It's versatile & timeless.....perfect for any occasion. You can wear it to the office, Friday night drinks, cocktail events, dinner with friends, date night, weddings, parties, actually everywhere & anywhere.
  • It's Chic & stylish ......perfect for any occasion with it's effortless elegance & simplicity.  
  • It's a wrap dress.... perfect for any occasion. It will follow the contour of your curves.
  • It's your go to dress ...... perfect for any occasion. When you've looked in your wardrobe and announce with gusto 'I have nothing to wear''s the dress you pop on because it's easy to wear, you feel comfortable in it, you know it looks good and you know it makes you feel fabulous.
  • It's feminine & sexy....and you know it.
  • It's soft and powerful.....and you want everyone else to know it.


In essence, every woman needs a Little Black Dress including Curvy and Plus Size women.
So get on board, be prepared for when we are not in isolation and make Tippy an investment piece in your wardrobe.

 Tippy - Little Black Wrap Dress