Up close and personal with the Designer of plus size brand Pablo & Kat!

We receive many emails from our Plus Size customers asking a variety of questions about Pablo & Kat the brand, the team and about me.

l will endeavour to answer all your curvy questions in a series of blogs that l will bring to you, for as long as you continue to have questions.

Question: What are your current top 3 go-to pieces?

Answer: # 1 The Mila Pant 

At the moment, due to the current unpredictable weather patterns l'm wearing a little bit of everything. Planning what to wear in advance is quite challenging so let's get's started.

My number 1 go to piece is the Mila black pant. It's versatile, goes with everything & l can wear it from desk to dinner. I wear this pant minimum twice a week.

As a statement look for spring, l have been pairing it with the Olivia Jungle shirt. 

As winter has not fully left us yet (12 degrees in Melbourne tomorrow), l continue to wear my winter pieces. Tomorrow, l will team it with my black Luna turtle neck and  then layer it with the Mazzy Jacket for a super chic monochromatic look.

If you want to achieve this look, pair it with the black Montanna turtle neck. To add some colour layer it with the Bailey jacket in paprika 

Question: What are your current top 3 go-to pieces?

Answer: # 2 The Olivia Shirt 

The Olivia shirt is so much fun to wear and l love wearing it with my Jamie pant. It makes me feel good. 

The gathers across the back combined with the lightness of the fabric makes it feel luxurious. It's light, breezy and very vacay! When the sun is out, it's definately a vibe.

As we move into Summer, l know l can pair it back with my white linen Capri pants for a cool summer vibe.

Question: What are your current top 3 go-to pieces?

Answer: # 3 The Paloma Shirt 

You just can't go past a classic white shirt, especially Paloma as it is so feminine.

l'm sure l do not need to tell you beautiful curvy ladies, but l will offer a friendly reminder, everyone needs a white shirt of some kind.

If l need to be a Boss Babe in a meeting, l will wear it with a belt & wedges. If l'm in a can't be bothered mood, l will leave it loose as an overshirt and wear it with coloured sneakers. If l want a sassy look, l will twist it and tuck it at the front and wear it with the Angie satin pant.

So now, you all know what l'm currently wearing around town but here's a heads up..... my 3 'go to pieces' will change. There are some new pieces coming and l'm here for it....l can't say too much, l don't want to give anything away. 

I hope you enjoyed the first of this series of Q&A blogs. If you have any specific questions you want answered then this is your opportunity to ask.

We really want to hear from you, so please send us your questions via our email, facebook, instagram or carrier pigeon.

Love You! Be You! For You!

Kat xxx