My name is Kat. l am the founder and designer of Pablo & Kat, a plus-size women's clothing boutique, and here is my story.
The story dates back to 1937 Italy, where my Grandfather was a tailor before migrating to Australia. After arriving in Australia, and from humble beginnings, my grandparents started a clothing business from a small house in inner city Melbourne.
As their family grew and as their children grew older they took their positions in the family business where it grew to be significant player in the Melbourne Ragtrade scene.
As a child, I grew up in ‘the factory’, climbing and hiding in between the rolls of fabric under the cutting table and using the cardboard roll in the centre of a roll of fabric as trumpet. It was fun.
The passion for fashion was in my blood and it was almost inevitable that l would be involved in some way in the garment industry. In 1981, at 18 years of age, I too joined the family business.
‘The factory’ became my classroom as it was all hands on learning and over 22 years l moved around the business learning design, pattern making, grading, garment construction, managing production, sales and marketing. It was invaluable experience that has provided me with a very holistic approach to the industry.
It was my love of design that fascinated me the most and l went on to create four different women’s fashion brands, two of them being Plus-Size Collections. I took a hiatus from design for a few years and indulged my interest in all things garment production and have recently returned to my first love, design.
With the help of my extraordinary support crew, my family and friends, our plus-size women's fashion clothing brand Pablo & Kat was born.