We Wish 2021/22 Collective!

For the women who see the beauty in themselves & for those who are starting to see their own beauty.

For the women who do not require validation & for those who are learning not to seek it.

For the women who have a voice & use it & for those finding their voices.

For the women who have the courage to live their lives & for those who are discovering they have lives to live.

Our new collection is a celebration of all women & our wish for you is that you love who you are, be the best version of you & live your best life.

Our wish for all women is a future full of love, kindness & happiness
Love Kat xxx

Curvy Women Rules to Live by.

The team at Pablo & Kat want to share some of the quotes we regularly reflect on.

This is a team favourite & one that resonates with us after the last 2 years.

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