Pablo & Kat's Curvy Women Ethos

Pablo & Kat is an Australian Women’s Plus Size fashion brand established in Melbourne, Australia, and dedicated to empowering women with curves to feel confident in themselves.

We know that beauty is not a size…in fact it is our ethos and we know that ultimately beauty comes from within. It comes from the respect we have for ourselves, the belief in our own abilities, the courage we show in achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams. What we also know, is that when we look great, we feel fabulous, and this affects how we perceive ourselves.

Our Plus Size Collection  and has been designed with you, our curvy shopper in the forefront of our minds. We have created modern classic, stylish pieces that embrace women with curves. Our fashion garments are comfortable to wear, effortless to put together when creating your own individual style and versatile so you can wear them anywhere.

We want curvy women to be happy with who they are.

We want curvy women to be body positive and to embrace body diversity.

We want curvy women to believe they are beautiful in so many ways.

We want to you to embrace your life and live it with colour and passion.

We are Pablo & Kat and we want you to be the best version of you.

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